Providing for sustainable development needs for the African woman and child

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Sustainable Africa Development Initiative – (SADI)  Zimbabwe is a registered Trust headquartered in, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in sub Saharan Africa.Our story is etched in the harsh economic realities on the African continent where women and young people find themselves marginalized and at the periphery of making fundamental decisions that impact on their lives.

Our Key Strategic Areas of Intervention

Economic empowerment / livelihoods promotion

Entrepreneurial Training, coaching and mentoring. Business enterprise management, education and training. Income saving and lending clubs for women

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Provision of support for innovative communication programs that increase access to SRHR information and services for women  adolescents.

Gender, rights & power analysis skills

Provision of gender and rights awareness and education to the different target groups.Increase identification & tracking of gender and rights issues…

And do not forget to do good -The Bible (Hebrews 13:16)

Get involved and make a difference