About Us

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Our Story

Our story is etched in the harsh economic realities on the African continent where women and young people find themselves marginalized and at the periphery of making fundamental decisions that impact on their lives.

The patriarchal nature of African society dictates that women don’t even have a say in issues relating to their own sexual reproductive health and choices. SADI seeks to change this narrative and give women and young people a fighting chance by providing for their sustainable development needs.


Our logo with a mother holding her child succinctly depicts our conviction that development on the African continent can only be sustainable when women and young people are prioritized in development initiatives


Our Vision

Young people and women enjoying improved quality of life as a result of informed sexual reproductive health and rights decisions, improved gender equity and sustainable economic interventions.

Our Mission

To empower young people and women across the African continent through the provision of engendered, participatory, sustainable  and inclusive approaches in addressing social, economic, educational and health needs at individual and community level.



SADI purposes to conduct all its affairs with utmost integrity.  As such the organization will always do the right thing, in an honest, fair, and responsible way.


We acknowledge the social and cultural diversity of each young person, woman and man, and the responsibility of social institutions and organizations to recognize the diverse and unique pathways of each individual towards greater equality


SADI will proactively provide the full information needed for all collaboration, co-operation and collective decision making. The organization is committed to fostering a culture of free and open exchange with all partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders. 



Gender Equity is not only important for women, it is good for all communities. Women’s empowerment ensures a more peaceful and prosperous society for women, men and children. Inequality in economic development interventions, in policies, organizations, communities and families breeds exclusion and can lead to violence.


SADI recognizes individuals as the best decision makers for themselves. We admire and value every client we serve and will show them respect at every interaction. We will ensure our service is inclusive and free of judgement regardless of race, color, religion or creed.


SADI aims to ensure community participation and innovation in all its interventions. In consultation with rights holders the organization will ensure that innovative and creative interventions are implemented in order to improve the lives of all project beneficiaries.



Get Involved and make a difference