The Fighting Chance Gift Shop

Your gifts can make a lifetime difference!!!

Did you know your gift can make a lifetime difference in the life of a child on the African continent? Did you know your gift can give a child a fighting chance in life? Here’s how:

Education Support

  • A gift of $200-00 can purchase a year’s supply of school uniforms.
  • A gift of $200-00 can pay exam fees for one child.
  • A gift of $200-00 can pay tuition fees.
  • A gift of $150-00 can purchase a year’s stationery supplies for a child.
  • A gift of any amount you are comfortable to give.

To give a child A FIGHTING CHANCE IN LIFE!!!! Simply choose your gifts from the selection below and CHANGE A LIFE FOREVER!!!

  • Sanitary Pads
  • Sanitary Pads

Donations of sanitary pads for young girls  are welcome in cash or in kind

100% of the proceeds from these gifts go towards our Fighting Chance Program. However, in some cases it might not be appropriate to provide the exact gift chosen. For example, if all our supporters have chosen exercise books, but the students need uniforms then we will provide uniforms instead. This common sense approach makes sure that your donation is used in the most effective way possible to enable our students to excel.